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MindGames Presentation

  • How happy or engaged is your staff with his/her work?
  • How popular is your brand and why/why not?
  • How can you hire the best staff to do the job?
  • And Why another training company?
  • Why do we need another marketing research firm?
  • Why do we need psychological assessment of job applicants


We are professional psychologists with state of the art knowledge and skills to enable people to be happy while performing the most challenging of jobs. We can train managers to create a happy, meaningful and productive work environment.

The new science of positive psychology teaches us that beyond a certain level of security and need fulfillment , money does not and cannot buy happiness.  Through customized training, we aim to bring the knowledge, insights, and techniques of positive psychology to your business so as to enable your staff to be fully engaged in their work and to feel happy and fulfilled at the end of the day instead of being exhausted and  experiencing burn out.

Our experience has shown that companies have a real problem with hiring people with the right personality profile. Instead of relying on self-report questionnaires that can be cheated, our skilled psychology consultant can identify and differentiate team players from solo performers or trouble makers, creative problem solvers from rigid conventional dinosaurs,  and optimistic and honest workers from cynical types or frauds.

We will also help conduct marketing research for you to see if your brand truly lives in the hearts and minds of the people in your target market segments. We can offer useful insights to enhance your image and use positive psychology to achieve this.


My PhotoDr. Asir Ajmal is the CEO of Mind Games. He is a qualified clinical psychologist, executive coach, certified leadership trainer & consultant with Franklin Covey International and expert on psychological assessment for personnel recruitment and development. His clients include companies and businesses in Pakistan as well as abroad. He is also an internationally renowned academic with research publications in national and international journals and currently heads the psychology department of LSPS at the University of Lahore. He is also the founder of the first ever Postgraduate MS Program in Organizational Psychology in Pakistan.


Lecture 1: Notes

Introduction to the Course -Welcome Message This course will have 15 weekly classes. Students will be able to submit their final projects and any leftover work during the 16th week. -A quick overview of the course outline including the topics, the online environment, assessment and evaluation will be To Label or not to Label The …